High noon (12) on the 12th day of December (12), thousands of people in Paris celebrated the conclusion of COP (Conference of Parties) 21, a meeting of 195 nations where delegates discussed climate change and concluded with non-binding resolutions that might eventually reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

A climate conference obviously could not include the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BOAS) “Doomsday Clock” which stands precariously at 11:57. Midnight is the moment when homo sapiens (thinking humans) wage suicidal nuclear war, Earth’s greatest environmental threat. Every BOAS issue carries the clock. In 2014, editors began including global warming/climate change as a source of planetary concern.

Climate change and global warming are topics of derision and condemnation by a shrinking number still espousing their “Flat Earth” mentality. Exxon is under legal scrutiny for having purposely hidden studies done in the 1970’s that prove burning fossil fuels will sentence all life on Earth to intolerable warming. Svante August Arrhenius warned humankind of threats from burning fossil fuels in 1890.

In the 1990’s Sir John Browne of BP had the courage to shock a gathering of energy CEO’s in Los Angeles by declaring: “The Age of Petroleum is over!”

The Financial Times (November 24, 2015) carried an article headlined, “Former oil chiefs say energy industry falls short in global warming battle.” Rather than being demoted for his honesty, Sir John is now quoted as “Lord Browne, BP’s former chief executive and Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, ex-chairman of Shell say there is a significant disconnect between the changes needed to curb global warming and the fossil fuel companies’ current efforts.”

As chosen delegates deliberated in Paris there were 2,300 climate change events in 175 nations with an estimated 750,000 people participating (Avaaz.org).

Common Dreams (December 13, 2015) applauded the Paris agreement and urged removing corporate (fossil fuel) policy makers from the scene.

Economists know the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) depends upon the Corporate Combustion Complex (CCC) for powering bombers, ships, tanks, and armies in ruthless global destruction. The CCC is history’s most powerful entity that has brought all on Earth to the limits of survival.

“Left unchecked, computer simulations predict global warming will cripple the planet, leading to extreme weather, rising sea levels, worse air quality, threats to many plant and animal species and more human conflicts over scarcer resources.” (USA TODAY, November 26, 2015). Future threats are visible in 2015.

If nations do not enforce COP21 resolutions, theologian Grover Foley has a personal suggestion: “Change ourselves, do the right thing and give them warning.” (Ezekiel 3:16) Foley wrote “Reaping the Whirlwind” in the Fall 1973 issue of CROSS CURRENTS.

Conclusions of the Paris climate change meeting might serve as a prophetic warning to all nations that over 400 mountain glaciers have already melted away. If we do not limit carbon emissions, our future is in sync with vanishing glaciers. Children are depending upon us to heed the warnings from a melting planet.

To reduce carbon

Emissions on warming Earth

Leave it in the soil*

*Seven out of ten people in 2015 now believe signs of climate change/global warming are real. Will world leaders heed Lord Browne’s advice then demand we switch to renewable energy sources?