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Who Are Real Illiterate People In Our Future?

University of Chicago educator Mortimer Adler (1902-2002) wrote How To Read a Book (1949) in which the scholar concluded: “If, after graduation from an institution of higher learning, we do not have the desire to read, study and learn for the rest of our lives, our education has been a total failure.”

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Stand With Veterans For Peace!

Over the last several years, Veterans For Peace chapters have taken the lead in celebrating Armistice Day onNovember 11. We are reclaiming the original intention of that day – a worldwide call for peace that was spurred by universal revulsion at the huge slaughter of World War One.

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Are We Addicted To Insane Warfare

With the 1989 demise of a worldwide Soviet “Communist threat” what logical reason remains for spending $2 billion daily? “Global terrorism” will feed our insatiable appetite for arming not only ourselves, but the entire planet. “9/11” is the new tripwire for universal militarism in the absence of global communism.

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Dorothy Day, M.L.King, Thomas Merton Praised by Pope Francis

During his brief visit to the USA Pope Francis mentioned three prophetic individuals whose words might penetrate the consciousness of a nation that is considered “weak and vulnerable” by several candidates for Commander-In-Chief. The BULLETIN OF ATOMIC SCIENTISTS posts a “Doomsday Clock” on every cover. In 2015 the long hand was moved to three minutes [...]

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2015 Flood of People Fleeing War Is a Mini Sign of Climate Refugees

Thousands of refugees from war, poverty, homelessness in 2015 are pouring into European nations. Hapless victims are spending precious resources paying “transporters” for escape from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and North Africa to strive for a better life in other nations.

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If It Is Evil to Kill, the Very Thought of Killing Is Also Forbidden

September is a critical moment in our history. Humans began tinkering underground this month with atomic weapons that can destroy entire cities or nations. During my time (1980-1981) studying linguistics and Chinese at the University of Hawaii I learned the USA had over 40,000 targets in the former USSR. I discovered the US Navy ”roamed [...]

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