jfkchessboardRight to the point: JFK & the Unspeakable by Jim Douglass and The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot are necessary reading if we desire to perceive what is occurring and unfolding in our present era.

Jim Douglass (1937- ) is a historian and former theology teacher in the University of Hawaii. When he and Jim Albertini (1946- ) expressed opposition to our war in Vietnam, both men lost respect in the 50th state where Sanford Dole (Dole pineapple) overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy in January 1893.

Douglass returned to the “mainland” US and proceeded to do historical research while engaging in peace making efforts within a mighty nation that has invaded fifteen small countries since our April 1975 military humiliation and exit from Saigon.

Jim Albertini continues in Malu ‘Aina, an agricultural peace education center near Kurtistown, on the “big island” of Hawaii. At the bold invitation of a military officer in Honolulu who acknowledged, “I no longer believe in what my country is doing!” Albertini, together with nine others and a respected Catholic priest in the Catholic diocese of Honolulu were driven by the officer in Honolulu into Camp H.M. Smith (means “Howling Mad”, a name given by his own men to an enraged, ferocious General Smith during a 19th century operation by US forces putting down an insurrection in the Philippines).

The heroic Honolulu officer prepared all who wanted to act for peace by providing instructions on how to find and enter the Nuclear War Policy office in Camp Smith on Ash Wednesday, March 4, 1981. The “students” of an officer who did not approve of 40,000 nuclear targets in the former USSR easily drove by the base security gate with his DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE bumper sticker. Officers in the guard post did not see peaceful opponents of nuclear warfare huddled in the officer’s VW van.

Both Albertini and Douglass have merited considerable respect in the peace community for opposition to the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that dominates our nation. Years of peace actions qualify Albertini and Douglas to write of their experiences and share their research.

Jim Douglass presently lives in the Catholic Worker community in Birmingham, Alabama. Jim is the author of at least nine books. JFK and the Unspeakable is a scholarly investigation into the final years and anti-CIA sentiments of the very last president who dared to challenge our secretive, pervasive spy organization.

When film maker Oliver Stone appeared on the CBS David Letterman show, he was carrying the JFK book. Letterman asked Stone if he anticipated boredom and brought a book along for that possible vacuum. Stone replied, “This is a book that everyone in the USA should be reading!” Letterman then asked his camera crew to focus on Stone’s book in hand. The following day, ORBIS Press in Ossining, NY received thousands of requests for the Douglas book.

When Douglas spoke to a group of Pax Christi (Peace of Christ) members in Houston he said, “The only way we will understand what is going on will be through the lens of JFK’s murder in Dallas.” Douglas prophetically added, “The coup took place when JFK was murdered.”

David Talbot’s book The Devil’s Chessboard is a 660-page historical investigation (with 620 footnotes) of the intriguing, embarrassing connection between Nazi Germany, the USA and the Dulles brothers, who brought our global spy agency into existence. Talbot’s book flows like an espionage novel, but sadly, it is modern WWII US history.

It is wise to buy one’s own copy because library workers and those who borrow books from public libraries will always be unhappy to see notations and comments in the book margins. The temptation to mark passages in Talbot’s book is constant.

“To be ignorant of what occurred after our birth is to remain an infant.” (Cicero)