Economists and historians agree our Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) is the largest and most powerful entity that ever appeared. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) of which General Eisenhower warned in 1961, possesses enough nuclear weapons to terminate history in a moment of total lunacy; but those who direct the MIC know it depends upon CCC fuels to maintain our global war machine.

The bronze and iron ages did not end because of shortages. Nor did the stone age end for lack of rocks. There were transitions in each age because Earth patiently drew history forward.

The US Pony Express was initiated in 1860. By October 1861, a telegraph system linked the continent, and an era ended. The US Postal Service cannot compete with e-mail connections.

Earth’s Industrial Revolution was powered by burning cheap fossil fuels. Each year it is estimated we burn about seven billion tons of fossil fuels that will ultimately threaten all life on Earth. Prophetic scientists warned humankind in the 1890’s we would be overwhelmed by unlimited burning of fossil fuels. Unbearable heat was linked to the first Paleo-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) of 50 million years ago. If we persist in burning all of Earth’s fossil fuels, another PETM could evolve to haunt us.

In the 1990s, Sir John Browne of British Petroleum stood before an assembly of petroleum CEO’s gathered in California where he declared “The age of oil is over.” Browne did not resign from BP after forty years because of his secretive love affair.  Announcing the demise of oil cannot be warmly received by Browne’s cohorts in the CCC.

Stanford University’s Dr. Mark Jacobson and scores of global researchers testify there are already enough sources of renewable energy to gradually proceed in our transition to a carbon-free economic system. We must convince the magnates who control our CCC then help them perceive the need to relinquish manipulation of an economy which now drifts towards a harmful PETM. High cockalorum in the US Dept. of Defense issued their climate warmings on October 13, 2014 and August. 5, 2015.

Is our steady decline in petroleum price an indicator Earth is teaching/leading us toward a viable future?

Post Carbon Institute and International Institute for Carbon Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER) are just two of Earth’s modern tutors; invitations for all who wish to survive in a tolerable climate…