The Most Important Court Case In The World – March 9, 2016

NASA environmental scientist James Hansen joined 21 children and young people in an Oregon courtroom on March 9th to sue President Obama and the Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) for failure to act on protecting their generation against climate change. Canadian author and journalist Naomi Klein described this case “the most important in the world.”

Klein is a courageous prophet for Earth who called the previous Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper a “climate criminal” for his defense of polluting tar sands mining in Alberta, Canada. The 54,000 square miles of pristine boreal forest territory now being desecrated by tar sands excavation is the same area as the entire state of Louisiana. Not one person among four million residents in impoverished Louisiana would allow a foreign mega-corporation to destroy thousands of square miles in search of minerals or any other precious commodity on Earth.

Bill McKibben, co-founder of described the legal drama occurring in Oregon as “Kids versus Big Oil.”

Youthful Nigerian residents interviewed in a documentary The Age Of Stupid, declare they are helpless in trying to force powerful CCC companies to clean up rivers they have ruined by ruthless drilling for oil and careless discarding of toxic by-products. One young woman said it is useless to appeal to the Nigerian government for assistance because “Big Oil is the government.”

History has never known an economic entity so powerful as the Carbon Combustion Complex, a term coined by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway in our mandatory reading The Collapse of Western Civilization.

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is the largest consumer of products provided by the CCC. This global military behemoth and Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) depend upon fossil fuels for their survival.

Thousands of lawyers are beholden to fossil fuel companies while energy CEO’s maintain a secretive alliance with state Attorneys General’s.

“The Most important Court Case in the World” will doubtless drag on for a long period as Earth warms and our ocean rises relentlessly. In contrast to Oregon court proceedings, states such as Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin have actually introduced legislation that discourages use of words such as “global warming” or “climate change.” No laws will prevent Earth from taking measures to stop humans from heating our planet. Nature will even fight back in 3,569 quakes witnessed in Oklahoma within the past year.

In a biblical metaphor “David the pessimist” stares at Goliath and wonders “How can I defeat him?” “David the optimist” looks up at the massive figure and asks “How can I miss?”

When millions more who wish to survive on a planet in peril realize the CCC is taking all of us over the climate cliff; we will join James Hansen and children who dare to take history’s largest giant to court.

COMMON DREAMS, although NOT corporate news, will keep us informed on this important court case.