Yale-in-China is one department of Hong Kong University where I studied Cantonese Chinese (seven distinct tones) for fourteen months, then worked in a plastics factory to learn “street language” from young Chinese employees.  The factory owners from New York City paid us $2.30 for an eight-hour day. For hard work in a steamy, smelling toy factory, I received a priceless language lesson. The factory had a fire unfortunately, ending my language education.
After Mandarin Chinese (with only four tones) became the national language of China, I had an opportunity to study the easier tongue at UMass (Amherst) while recovering from surgery.  Following high school (1955) in St. Louis, MO, I studied economics and psychology at Dayton  University in Ohio for two years. “Lost as a duck in the desert,” I left to work at a small bank in southern Illinois.
Two special notes of interest, in June 23, 2014 Dayton University became the first Catholic institution to declare divestment from fossil fuels. By April 2016, 515 educational, civic and financial institutions had joined in the pledge to divest from fossil fuels. The Rockefeller Fund and World Council of Churches will divest from fossil fuels.
Neither Yale–in-China nor HK University are connected to fossil fuels.  In 1975, I was recuperating from major surgery while studying Mandarin Chinese at UMass (Amherst). Chinese language was taught in the State Police building of a campus with 20,000 students  among 21 structures.
During April 2016, 34 students of a Fossil-free UMass had been arrested by campus police as they pressed for divestment from fossil fuels. How coincidental that my alma mater Dayton University, Chinese studies in Hong Kong, and then UMass at Amherst are environmentally linked by students urging people in power to divest from fossil fuels for the survival of life on Earth.
Divestment from the Apartheid system of South Africa began in the 1960’s. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison then emerged from incarceration to become president of the nation. Divestment from the prosperous nation of South Africa slowly brought down an unjust system.
Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway wrote The Collapse Of Western Civilization. They coined a poignant ecological term dominating our era. The Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) is the most powerful economic entity in history. Eisenhower warned of our Military Industrial Complex (MIC) which is beholden to the CCC. How will planes, ships, tanks and military machinery function without fossil fuels from the CCC?  The Pentagon burns more fossil fuels than any entity in modern history.
300 million vehicles in the USA are a fraction of the one billion globally that emit 22 pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon of gasoline. A warming Earth and a rising, acidic ocean are succumbing to billions of tons of carbon dioxide. We can all take part in protecting our ocean and planet from fossil fuels.
The folks over at  www.350.org has designated May 2016 as “Go fossil Fuel Free.” We can put more steam in the movement by burning less fuel for a few days in May.