Candidates for the next Commander-in-Chief have been bludgeoning us with reminders of our $19.3 trillion debt. Not mentioned is the interest of $223 billion on a debt that will not be paid.

The total WWII military budget in 1945 was $1 billion. By 2015 the “defense” budget was over $2 billion daily. We can see our money vanishing into smoke on

As citizens of the most militarized nation on Earth we might study a 75-page document entitled Project For A New American Century(PNAC) which calls for the  “Full Spectrum Dominance of *Land * ocean *air *outer space by the USA.

Commander-In-Chief Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. However, the trajectory of our nation is far from peaceful. Nobel Peace prize winner Obama too is transfixed by the Permanent War State (title of a book by Seymour Melman of Columbia University)

*In the next three decades, another trillion will be added to our debt.  The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation provided an analysis of our Trillion Dollar Nuclear Triad to modernize 7000 nuclear weapons. Russia too has 7000 of the city/country destroying widgets.

*Ashton Carter (1954-    ) is the latest Secretary of Defense who joined Robert Perry of the same department calling for a “surgical strike” of North Korea.

*June 23, 2013 ex-CIA Chief Woolsey also advised President Obama to carry out a pre-emptive strike on North Korea.

*Several GOP aspirants to the Oval Office during a February 2016 debate also expressed support for a surgical strike on North Korea.*Robert Oppenheimer, one of the designers of the atomic bomb who had regrets over his role warned “the next war will be fought with dozens, perhaps hundreds of nuclear weapons.

*Residents of tiny Henry, LA know the “Henry Hub” as a control point for natural gas to the upper forty eight states was one of the top ten KGB targets during the 1950’s. Surely there are more targets in energy and military states as the PNAC authors still wield influence in Washington.

Which of the presidential candidates might use nuclear weapons a third time? Lourdes Hospital in Lafayette is the sole critical burn unit for southwest Louisiana. There are only 123 such units for the entire nation.