Daniel Ellsberg (1931 –    ) was a thirty year old adviser in President JFK’s defense department. During the suicidal period known as our “cold war” between the former USSR and USA, Ellsberg received information on Single Integrated Operational Plan (SIOP) for waging nuclear war with China and the Soviet Union. It was a venture in nuclear overkill that did not occur fortunately. The temptation remains in our Pentagon.

Ellsberg considered the destructive scope of US Defense Department intentions upon two large nations then sent a memo asking simply “How many fatalities might be expected if the SIOP initiative was carried out.” The young Defense Department worker received a shocking response from the Joint Chiefs of Staff on one sheet of paper marked “Top Secret.”

The answer to Ellsberg’s question was a curt, cold  “600 million.” (Almighty, by Dan Zak, p.73)

During my eighteen months of linguistics study and Mandarin Chinese at the University of Hawaii, I was educated by Peace Activists there plus private “scoping” in a very militarized state. Hawaii is home for camp H.M. Smith (H.M. means “howling mad”, a nickname given by his own troops when Smith was sent to put down an insurrection in the Philippines, a former USA territory after Spain’s loss in the Spanish American war.) The Commander in Chief – Pacific (CINCPAC) is based in Honolulu. From this lone spot in the most western defense front of Washington, submarines can “roam and patrol” the entire planet. I learned the USA once had 40,000 targets in the former USSR even though it had only 200 cities with a population over one million. Clearly, the SIOP intention was to obliterate an entire nation. After losing over 20 million people in WWII, Russians are not likely to forget USA intentions in “cold war I.”

Global network against weapons & nuclear power in space (www.uspeacecouncil.org) provides a “chokehold” map depicting how NATO and the USA are encircling Russia and China with military bases and trident submarines lurking in the Atlantic and pacific.

After overthrowing the government of Iran in cold war years, the USA has encircled Iran with 45 military bases and placed the 5th fleet in the Persian Gulf. Who is the threat?

Despite nearly one thousand US Military installations globally and 75 nuclear submarines, Russia is not far behind with 70. China has 68 submarines with intentions to soon outnumber the USA.

Trident submarines of this century carry 24 missiles which are hundreds of times more destructive than weapons which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

How can any candidate for President of the US ignore “cold war II” or ever be trusted in our cataclysmic age?