To Where Can Earthlings Flee?

The Kyoto protocol was an early effort to confront our global reality of planetary warming accompanied by the steady rising of ocean levels. Even rural people without University degrees who struggle to survive in developing nations know without doubt Earth is heating up.

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We All Live Under a Nuclear Cloud

Since 1945, Editors of The Bulletin Of Atomic Scientists have been warning us that another war in which nuclear weapons are used could end an historical drama on our precious planet Earth. The clock stands at 11:57 - three minutes till midnight.

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November Is The Time Of Migration For Geese Following Nature

November 2016 brought a blanket of global fear for people of color, environmentalists (don’t we all want pure air, water, food?), political progressives and maturing youths born in the 1970’s. Never in the history of our immigrant nation have researchers noted two more unpopular leading candidates.

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Will The Military Educate Their Commander-In-Chief Someday?

Following consultation with the Pentagon about global warming as a threat to all of us, Mr. Trump might invite Professor Hal Wanless from the University of Florida to explain how much of Florida will be inundated by a rising ocean.

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