President George W. Bush was a very lonely character when he withdrew from the Kyoto meeting in 2001. The Kyoto protocol was an early effort to confront our global reality of planetary warming accompanied by the steady rising of ocean levels.  Even rural people without University degrees who struggle to survive in developing nations know without doubt Earth is heating up.

Pentagon researchers issued an alert to Mr. Bush in February 2004 stating, “Global warming is a greater threat to the nation than terrorism.” Mr. Bush was not moved.

97 percent of Climate Scientists concur with British anthropologist Dr. Louis Leakey that global warming is the serious problem facing humankind. Indirectly all who inhabit earth are jeopardized.  Dr. Peter Raven of the Missouri botanical gardens (St. Louis) pointed out in the 1980’s “there are more endangered plants than animals.”

The respected Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has been warning all of suicidal nuclear conflagration since 1945. Editors moved BAS “Doomsday Clock” to 11:57 on January 22, 2015. The writers made such a decision not only because there are more than 15,000 city or continent destroying nuclear weapons. Their concern over planetary danger was elevated clearly from growing scientific evidence that our Earth is warming, thus posing a threat to the entire planet. Thinking beings can threaten earth’s well-being.

MIT professor Noam Chomsky observed: “In primary debates for the 2016 election, every single Republican candidate was a climate change denier with one exception, John Kasich, the rational moderate who said global warming might be happening but we should not do anything about it.” (Z magazine November 2016, p.32)

When Donald Trump received his nomination in July 2016 temperature in Kuwait and Iraq was 130 degrees. Death Valley, California is the hottest, driest spot in the USA. Registering an intolerable 134 degrees. Only in that remote desert could elected US officials feel the heat of Iraq, Kuwait and India which also reported the hottest weather ever in 2016. Ten of the warmest years ever recorded all occurred since 1998. That was the year NASA scientist James Hansen informed a dull USA Congress “Global warming is a reality.” “They have ears that do not hear, eyes that do not see…” (St. Mark’s Gospel 8:18)

From the 1880’s until 1920’s Armadillos migrated north from Latin America to Florida and Texas. While visiting my home state of Illinois in 2014 a 95-year old neighbor informed me Southern Illinois residents were surprised to discover creature migration north for cooler temperatures brought the bony carapace animals to the land of Lincoln for the first time. Can Climate Deniers ignore nature’s signs?

Despite heat records being set globally, the question remains for our new Commander-In-Chief.  Will his entourage believe the Pentagon warning on climate issued in 2004?

Seventy percent of US elected officials persist in denial of climate change while more than half of citizen’s sense weather events are becoming more serious. If Mr. Trump and those deemed wise enough for governance refuse to admit a climate problem, to where shall we flee when threats to our common home are not recognized?