The Science Section of Business Insider reported – “The biggest threat to our planet is regarded as a Chinese hoax” by Donald Trump in November 2016.

Mr. Trump is not far removed from President George W. Bush who rejected the 1997 Kyoto protocol then withdrew the USA from an International Agreement to reduce carbon dioxide levels.  During twenty years of USA government intransigence, billions of tons of carbon dioxide have been dumped into our atmosphere adding to acidity of our ocean. Half of earth’s oxygen flows from a healthy ocean.

Pentagon researchers dared to warn President Bush on 21 February 2004 “Global Warming is a greater threat than terrorism.” Mr. Bush was not impressed and ignored the Pentagon military leaders.

Norfolk Naval Base is the largest maritime installation in the world. The Mayor of Norfolk has warned that parts of the city may be abandoned due to a rising ocean.

“The low-lying region has recorded the fastest sea level rise on the East Coast: 18 inches in the past century, according to the Navy. By 2030, Scientists predict the sea to rise 6 more inches. The Navy expects the main road into Norfolk will be under water for two or three hours a day by 2040.” (W.J. Hennigan, Los Angeles Times 23 November 2016)

By 2040, Mr. Trump will be well over 100 years old. At 70 years of age, Trump supplanted Ronald Reagan who was elected at 69. Mr. Trump is denying and ignoring an inevitable threat to the entire East Coast. To where will the Naval Base be moved and how will future Commanders-In-Chief be protected from nature?

Mr. Trump desires to live in the *Washington White House mansion occasionally while Mrs. Trump and their young son decides to reside in the *Trump Tower of New York City. Will a no fly zone be necessary to provide security for the first family? 34,000 Police personnel in New York can only try to protect the tower from below. They too will be powerless if hurricanes like Irene and Sandy shut down the world’s financial center.

With a penchant for sunshine and comfort the Trumps wish to spend quality time in *Florida’s Mar Alago. Security there will demand a no fly zone plus constant Naval surveillance.

Following consultation with the Pentagon about global warming as a threat to all of us, Mr. Trump might invite Professor Hal Wanless from the University of Florida to explain how much of Florida will be inundated by a rising ocean.

Within 15 years much of Miami will see real estate values plunge as ocean levels rise.

Will all three Presidential enclaves be at risk because of “a Chinese hoax”?