While celebrating one Louisiana grandfather’s birthday ten years ago, a concerned small girl asked her ageing grandfather in total sincerity what life for another generation would be like “with all of this global warming.” I leaned in closely to hear his wisdom. Grandpa remained silent!

In 2016, twenty-one concerned children rose from simply asking elders about their future. They boldly took outgoing President Obama and the USA to court for failing to protect them from global warming. Children do not believe adults are acting seriously about an issue on which the Pentagon warned all in 2004 – “Global warming is a greater threat than terrorism.” President George Bush did not act upon that pithy scientific lesson from military officers. Instead, the Commander-in- Chief continued to wage war in an oil-rich region of the world. Burning fossil fuels and global warming are symbiotic twins. The Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) is the most powerful entity in history. Even the mighty Military Industrial Complex (MIC) depends on the CCC to fuel its warships, planes, tanks and lethal machinery of conflict. The Pentagon is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels on Earth. Billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the MIC hasten global warming, climate change, a rising ocean along with engendering a permanent, bloody state of warfare. How an incoming president controls the CCC and MIC will determine our collective environmental future. Never in the human drama has Earth been so threatened by our war plans and lack of respect for creation. Children have precociously decided to jolt our adult generation of “sheeple.”

The monumental lawsuit of children against the United States can be reviewed by all of us on the Internet. KELSEY CASCADIA ROSE JULIANA et al v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is before the US District Court of Oregon and will be set for trial this year.

Donald Trump chose EXXON executive Rex Tillerson as his choice for Secretary of State. Rex means “King” in Latin. Forbes World’s Most Powerful People in 2016 listed Vladimir Putin as #1. Pope Francis who wrote the first encyclical (letter to the world) in church history on care of “our common home” was in the top five, not as a military figure or person of wealth. Rex Tillerson clocks in at #24. Secretary of State John Kerry did not make the list. Putin and Tillerson are marinated in oil and gas. The future of all creatures on Earth depends on abiding by the 2016 Paris COP21 meeting which called for international transition to renewable resources.

If approved as the next Secretary of State, Tillerson, now earning $100,000 daily will resign from EXXON with an opulent $24.3 million package. His salary as Secretary of State will be a paltry $203,700. Confirmation and questioning by elected officials (who deny global warming) does not include any children from the generations that will suffer Earth’s warming, and eventual flight from coastal regions where the ocean is swallowing cities. Michelle Snead is a land subsidence specialist from the USGS who cautioned, “Nothing is going to stop the ocean.” (THE ADVOCATE, January 15. 2017)

“Let your speech be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Anything beyond that has a taint of evil.” (Matthew 5:38)

Rex Tillerson was head of EXXON when their scientific reports on reality of global warming were hidden since the 1970’s. If quizzed by courageous children instead of senators for his shameful deceitfulness would Tillerson be confirmed? Mr. Tillerson, did you know of the EXXON denial?