The greatest number of fatalities in human history were:

  • WW I – (11 million military, 7 million civilians)
  • WW II – 50 – 80 million dead, (20 million Russians, millions of Jews
  • 100 million – died after Europeans colonized the South, Central region & North American continents

While young Daniel Ellsberg was a staff member at the Pentagon during JFK’s Kennedy administration he read of the USA Single Integrated Operational Program (SIOP), a first strike nuclear attack upon both China and Russia. Perhaps JFK encouraged Ellsberg to inquire about the possible number of fatalities. Ellsberg received a folder marked “SECRET” containing one piece of paper with the figure – 600 million. (Almighty by Dan Zak, p. 73)

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists editors moved their “Doomsday Clock” in January to 11:57. Midnight is the moment of international nuclear conflagration.

The Trump administration knows clearly there are 44 US military bases surrounding Iran with the US 5th fleet boasting two aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf. When an Iranian surveillance plane flies over the imposing US armada, although deemed in international waters, Washington views such actions as “harassment.” Testing of a missile by Iran drew a bellicose response from the Trump regime. Iran, one   besieged nation tormented by the US since the 1950’s has now been put “On Notice.” without details.

Britain’s newest Prime minister Theresa May, seen walking  and holding hands with President Trump has not objected to boldly dispatching HMS (Her Majesty’s Ship) Daring to strengthen the US presence surrounding Iran.

A conflict in the Persian Gulf would seal off the Strait of Hormuz, enflame Russia and all neighboring nations, including Turkey with a US Air Base where nuclear weapons are stored. Over dinner, ignoring Congress, Mr. Trump sent US Navy seals to Yemen, an “act of war” placing the president in violation of our constitution, early in his reign.

Would this be a propitious, favorable moment for NATO, US and British holders of nuclear weapons to review Shakespeare’s poetic warning? War fever is rising in too many nations.

“Prepare not a furnace for thine enemy so hot that thine own self be singed.”

United Nations members are scheduled to again discuss L-41 in March. This resolution to abolish nuclear weapons passed by a margin of 123 – 38 on October 27, 2016.

Time remains to throw an abundance of global-sane water over a demented unlit nuclear furnace.