The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists places a “Doomsday Clock” on every issue. Midnight is the hour of nuclear conflagration. With the arrival of Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief the minute hand has been moved forward. It now stands at 2 minutes and thirty seconds before 12 o’clock.

Prior to Mr. Trump’s arrival the United States began to encircle the Peoples Republic of China. In 2017 400 of the 800 US military bases around the planet are surrounding China, which had over 200 nuclear weapons in 2015 and 70 submarines and an army of 2.3 million place it as a global superpower.

While warnings are constantly given about threats from Iran, the US has surrounded that small   nation whose government we overthrew in the 1950’s with forty four military outposts. Not least, the US 5th fleet with over 100 war planes is lurking in the Persian Gulf. Who is the real threat?

China allows the US economy to muddle along with seemingly unlimited loans. April 15th we recall $2 billion tax dollars daily go for our “defense” while other nations view us with justifiable suspicion.

Do US elected officials really believe a smiling Xi (pronounced “she”) Jin Ping visiting the Florida golf course/White House has no pinpoint awareness from China’s military intelligence that 400 US bases are now wrapping around a powerful nation of one billion people nearly the size of continental USA?

President Obama, holder of a Nobel Peace prize authorized $1 trillion for “modernizing” thousands of our nuclear weapons and initiated a “shift towards Asia” in his reign. Such a policy is not warmly received in China.

News sources do not reveal anything about L-41, a UN proposal for abolition of nuclear weapons introduced on October 27, 2016 that passed by a margin of 123 – 38 with 16 abstentions. All nuclear nations opposed abolition of continent-destroying weapons. Addiction to nuclear weapons, like economic addiction to enslavement of humans, can be long struggles of liberation.

Australia, lacking such weapons, also voted against L-41 to remain under the US “nuclear umbrella.”

Historians remind us *biological weapons were banned in 1972 *Chemical weapons were banned in 1983 *Land mines were banned in 1997.

When will *nuclear weapons be banned, depends upon our pressure on elected officials.

Surrounding other nations of any size with our military bases will only drive them to desire nuclear weapons to defend themselves against the first and only country to use them in warfare.

The US Constitution (“Only Congress can declare war.”), the 1971 War Powers Act and people waking up might protect our planet from US Presidents.