Reich Marshall Hermann Göring (1893-1946) was one of the ten most powerful leaders of Hitler’s vanquished Third Reich. Hitler, Göring and several other leaders of the Third Reich took their own lives rather than face judgment as Germany surrendered.

“People can always be brought to the bidding of leaders. It is very easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists.” (Göring)

Göring’s pithy comment applies to suicidal modern history in particular. Throughout 10,000 years of history, in there were only 200 years of relative peace.

Göring’s militaristic philosophy applies to history in 2017 as the possibility of using city/country destroying nuclear weapons moved the minute hand of  the doomsday clock on each bulletin of atomic scientists (BAS) to 11:57.  In April 2017, editors moved the hand thirty seconds closer to the catastrophic hour of midnight.

Although 400 (out of a total global 800) USA military bases surround china and the Korean peninsula, in pentagon parlance as a “perfect noose.” The Obama and trump administrations have followed Göring’s psychological trip wire thinking by pointing to North Korea as the major threat to USA interests.

Nobel peace prize winning President Obama initiated a trillion dollar modernization of 4,018 nuclear weapons. Nine nuclear nations hold 16,300 suicidal weapons, ninety percent in Russia and the USA.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (March 1, 2017) contains articles by two nuclear experts explaining how US nuclear weapons have been improved to such an extent they are capable of crippling the Russian deterrent.  Of course Russian analysts know this and a suicidal “mutual assured destruction” drags on, drawing all closer to the cliff.

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, serving President Obama called for a surgical strike on North Korea in 2006 even while knowing such an action would lead to an invasion of South Korea. There are fifteen US bases and 28,000 troops in South Korea.

Amid the catatonic military blustering, Pope Francis cautioned “War between North Korea and the west could destroy everything.” Francis urged calm negotiations.

The National Catholic Reporter (December 16, 2016) carried a front page article on the UN proposal l-41 for abolition of nuclear weapons. Washington has surreptitiously led strong resistance to the October 27, 2016 vote (123 – 38, 16 abstentions) for condemning nuclear weapons. Nuclear arms are another multi-billion dollar deadly venture.

UN resolution 1653 already denounced use of such weapons in 1961.  A third use of nuclear weapons will likely lead history along the path of Third Reich members.