“Today in History” columns of newspapers are rewarding reading.

Is it patriotism or historical blindness that allow writers of such columns to forget the indisputable fact Salvador Allende, a democratically elected President of Chile was surrounded by tanks near the Presidential residence, then overthrown by a bloody coup on 9/11/1973? ”9/11” in New York City evoked painful memories among people of Chile and one of my classmates from Boston who was assigned to Chile in 1967 as a Missioner.

President Richard Nixon, several powerful US corporate CEO’s  and the CIA (called “la CIA” in Central or Latin America) exchanged a few September “9/11” calls in Chile with vocal green lights to “pull it” (words of Rudy Giuliani for Building #7 – 9/11 in NYC) on President Allende. Rather than be taken hostage by encircling, “very unfriendly forces”, the legitimate President of Chile took his own life. Allende’s relatives and scores of witnesses are alive to tell of the 9/11 horrors.

Allende was replaced by a ruthless dictator, Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet died in his 90’s, thus spared from serving time in prison after being judged guilty for torture and crimes against his own people.

My Boston classmate once stood with Chilean friends holding candles in a peaceful vigil outside a building in Chile where Pinochet’s agents tortured those who were unhappy about the bloody coup and dictatorship engineered by the CIA.

First, the Pinochet police told those in the candle vigil to disperse. They did not leave. Next came the water cannons which have the force to knock anyone down. Candles died.

Third step found Pinochet soldiers firing live ammunition. My brave classmate could not outrun the gun fire, so Pinochet’s buckshot remain in his back 44 years later.

A Chilean doctor warned him removal of the pellets would cause bleeding to death.

On this anniversary year which triggered so much more blind foreign intervention on the part of elected officials in Washington, it is important to recall Hegel’s conclusion, “All we learn from history is that we never learn from history.”

In sacred memory of President Allende, thousands who died under Pinochet, illegal CIA intervention in Chile and elsewhere, could we just take two hours from our frenetic schedule to view an important USA documentary history, entitled “Core of Corruption” available online? For the serious history student, Roger Burbach wrote a five star book entitled, “The Pinochet Affair: State Terrorism and Global Justice.” What goes around comes around. All 9/11 evidence from NYC has sadly been removed. Engineers & Architects for9/11 truth have much to reveal about “9/11” in New York.