Richard Nixon was the first president in USA history to visit China following the ping pong unification of China and the USA.  Senators of Chinese ancestry named Spong, Fong and Wong were so thrilled they proposed every church bell in the country be rung to celebrate the joyful occasion when the US ping pong team reached Hong Kong. The bill which did not pass was called “Fong Wong Spong, Hong Kong Ping Pong Ding Dong Bill” however, a strident anti-communist republican Richard Nixon sent Henry Kissinger on a Pakistan airliner to explore possibilities of the presidential visit. In 2018, China and the USA may be at odds over commerce, but not threatening to destroy each other with nuclear weapons.  Bruce Gagnon is a former military man from Bath, Maine who is a courageous peace maker. He produced a map that points out numerous USA bases in Asia that have formed a noose around China and the Korean peninsula.

Former Pentagon staff officer Daniel Ellsberg wrote “The Doomsday Machine” in 2018. It is known by thousands in US military operations that the Pentagon’s “Single Integrated Operational Plan” (SIOP) was a first strike intention by the US upon China, the former USSR and satellite nations that would have killed an estimated 600 million people. Ellsberg was horrified to admit “600 holocausts” in his Pentagon planning.

USA and South Korea agreed to suspend their military exercises during the Olympics when North and South Korea would come together in unison for the International Games which manifest the possibility of peace.

President Trump remained in Washington where there are more embarrassing dismissals and resignations among staff members than reporters can cope with. Vice President Pense appeared in a stadium box only a few feet away from the sister of North Korean President Kim Jong Un. Pense rudely snubbed the dinner invitation and made no effort to even face or politely bow to the sister of North Korea’s leader.

When President Nixon made it to the Great Wall of China, he was pardoned for making a vapid comment: “This is really a great wall!”

Donald Trump and Mike Pense thrive on pointing out the faith of USA citizens. Mr. Pense as an Evangelical certainly expunged an encouraging maxim to love one’s enemies. For two weeks North and South Korea will be at peace if the USA fulfills its promise to cancel joint aggressive military exercises.

Will Koreans pardon Mr. Pense for not even bowing to show some respect to the sister of North Korea’s leader? “The Ugly American“(1958) depicts US diplomatic failures in South East Asia.  Mr. Pense – “How long o Lord, how long?”