Novelist Earnest Hemmingway declared, “Never think that war, no matter how ‘necessary’ is not a sin.”

Moral theologians concluded there is no “just war” in an atomic age when one bomb can destroy entire cities, perhaps nations.

War is the epitome of torture. Torture can be carried out over hours, days or years, as seen in tapes of USA torture practiced in Abu Ghraib, a clandestine torture facility only hours from Baghdad, where the USA launched an illegal attack in April 2003. Henry Kissinger and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld ordered the tapes of such torture not be shown to the world for fear of a reaction by civilized nations against a nation that former CIA director Pompeo believes to be “the greatest country in history.”

President Trump fired Secretary of State Tillerson, an Exxon mogul who illegally concealed reports of environmental damage from excessive burning of fossil fuels then moved career CIA operative Pompeo into this critical position, once held by Thomas Jefferson and also Frank Billings Kellogg, (1856-1938) who co-authored the Kellogg-Briand pact that made war an illegal choice of international diplomacy for which he received international praise.  Later, the orator, William Jennings Bryan served as Secretary of State. Commander-in-Chief Trump lowered ethical standards by placing a CIA figure in an important position to represent the US internationally.

Elected officials of the USA are usually trained in constitutional law. They know without doubt Article I, Section 8 states: “Only Congress can declare war.” However the USA entered into war without congressional approval fifteen times after our illegal invasion of Vietnam.

WWII was the last time Congress declared war. The War Powers Act was passed by Congress to curtail President Nixon from further illegal militarism in Southeast Asia.

After 9/11, Congress passed a resolution authorizing use of military force against terrorists (AUMF).

With the demise of a “Communist threat” long propagandized by J. Edgar Hoover to keep the US spending billions on “defense”, a new global threat emerged in “terrorism.” Our defense budget exploded from $1 billion for the entire year 1945 to $2 billion daily in 2018.

Torture is prohibited by the 8th amendment of our US Constitution and the United Nations, UN Convention against Torture – 1987.

Former Vice President Cheney in 2018 clings to the practice of water boarding while President Trump applauds the practice and going beyond such torture. Henry Kissinger, President George Bush, Britain’s Tony Blair as a Persian Gulf  “war acolyte” are careful about visiting certain nations for fear of being arrested in airports after committing documented war crimes. Those in elected office are invited to reflect upon post WW II Nuremberg trials in which defendants were only “following orders.”  Trump, Pompeo, and his CIA replacement Gina Haspel (1956 –   ) are clearly guilty on all counts of torture.