90 percent of scientists in the world today agree with the founder of Physical Chemistry, Svante August Arrhenius (1859-1927), who warned over 100 years ago unlimited burning of fossil fuels will cause problems for the planet. He repeated his concern again in 1905. We are slow learners indeed.

Decades later billions of tons of carbon dioxide flowing from fossil fuel have been dumped into our ocean and atmosphere resulting in planetary warming and a relentless rise in ocean levels.

In 1990, Anthropologist Louis Leakey (1903-1972) was asked by a scientific magazine editor what was the greatest problem facing humankind. Without hesitation, Dr. Leakey responded – “GLOBAL WARMING!” Pentagon researchers informed President George Bush in 2014, “Global warming is a greater threat than terrorism.”

Thomas Berry (1914-2009) is a wise cultural historian who told an audience at SMU in Dallas, “We are terminating the Cenozoic (Greek for “most recent”) era going back over sixty million years.” Not one professor or student in the crowded audience expressed disagreement with Berry. Doubtless, the youthful audience wanted to prevent continued disintegration of Earth’s environment.

Over ten thousand years in human history, Berry singled out our ongoing “petroleum interval” while numerous advanced nations are striving to become entirely dependent upon renewable energy.  The www.fossilfree.org momentum now envelopes our planet as magnates who cherish economic profit refuse to advance in environmental history which is critical for our presence on Earth.

Millions of young people globally are anxious over their future amid threats from global warming, more intense tropical storms and hurricanes resulting in massive numbers of climate refugees. Katrina is the worst natural disaster to strike the USA. There will be more flooding to follow.

With gratitude to courageous young people, in October 2018 “Juliana versus the US” will ascend to a federal court.  Twenty youths are plaintiffs who remain convinced adults in governing positions are not assuming responsibility for their future.

NASA scientist James Hansen testified to Congress in June 1988 – “Global warming is a reality.” Half of elected officials remain in denial along with Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump. Eventually the Florida White House will be inundated by a rising ocean. Hansen wrote “Storms of My Grandchildren” out of concern. Storms such as Sandy, Irene, Maria, Harvey, Florence, plus numerous weather events in Asia prove without doubt the storms of grandchildren have already arrived.

USA withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord on June 1, 2017 is similar to an attack on future generations and all who strive to live without fear.

For the future of all human and non-human life on Earth, in 2018 will we follow then support Juliana and her friends as they proceed in US courts with “Our Children’s’ Trust? A few blind, profit seeking leaders cannot be permitted to exacerbate climate change, flooding like we witnessed in Puerto Rico, Houston and the Carolinas. Children await our support.