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Is Earth Fighting Back

Curtis Travis and Sheri Hester are both researchers at the Department Of Energy (DOE) nuclear facility Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) who published a paper in May 1991 . Their thesis claimed “what many people already knew. “The entire planet is already contaminated." Their research can be found in ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY. Vol. [...]

Who is our greatest deadly virus?

Over 12,000 years of history only eight percent of that span have been “peaceful.” The greatest loss of life occurred during the European colonization of the “New World” when: I) 100 million died from the disease. There are no accurate numbers on those who died in the lucrative slave trading. 15 million is one [...]

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Just so they fear me!

The New York Times reported after Donald Trump’s acquittal that Republicans voted to acquit the Commander-In-Chief (once called “Individual #1” in special hearings) they voted to acquit Donald Trump because they lived in fear of reprisal or revenge by Mr. Trump. Former Mayor Bloomberg declares only he is capable of defeating Trump because “We [...]

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123 USA burn units are not enough for us

December 28, 2019, a twin-engine plane left the Lafayette, LA regional airport bound for Atlanta, Georgia with passengers to cheer the Louisiana State University Tigers football team on to victory. Sadly, a few minutes from the small airport we will never know why or how Ian Biggs, a skilled pilot brought the twin engine [...]

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Living Between Two Tsunamis

Caught between two tsunamis – nuclear & climate Caught between two tsunamis – nuclear & climate “Where there is no vision, people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) *What is the most significant secular date in history? Novelist Arthur Koestler believes August 6, 1945 : “After Hiroshima we live with the possible extinction of our species.” *Military [...]

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