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What Domination Remains Beyond Slavery And Colonies?

Abolitionist editor Elijah Parish Lovejoy was murdered by a pro slavery mob in Alton, IL on November 7, 1837. Memorials in Alton relate the story of one courageous opponent in the face of a global movement that had to end. The power of a few abolitionists is worthy of respectful remembrance in our Anthropocene age [...]

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You May Smell But Not See An Oil Spill

COMMON DREAMS news source of October 19, 2014 reported: “Major Oil Spill Strikes LA” - Threatens water ways, wildlife in Caddo Parish.” THE WALL STREET JOURNAL was quoted in COMMON DREAMS, claiming the Sunoco Mid-Valley spill was perhaps the major oil mishap of the year in the US. Friends in Louisiana seemed to know nothing [...]

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Is Being First In Something The Best For Earth?

NASA scientist James Hansen was the first government official with the knowledge and courage to appear before Congress in June 1988 and declare “Global warming is a reality.” Being first among his peers was good for Hansen’s biography. Prophets throughout history along with Hansen have been vilified and rejected. Many were killed. Hansen is courageous [...]

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