Are Journalists Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) Puppets?

One of the major news outlets of the USA today offered an opinion on July 7th proclaiming fracking was rather harmless, beneficial to our economy and energy independence. Not much was said of water being more important than oil. “They have eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear, and mouths that do [...]

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Can We Elect the Best Louisiana Governor Money Cannot Buy?

Most of my adult life has been spent living within, under unjust, less than honorable political, economic systems. A friend in Lafayette echoes my feelings at this point: “Will you speak please?" my friend begs. My summers of 1965 and 1966 were spent in Harlem, a black colony within Manhattan and “The World’s Financial Center.” I learned to [...]

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Could We Promote June 2015 as Ocean Awareness Month?

Monday, June 8, 2015 is World Oceans Day, observed by an international conference to be held in Paris. Leading industrial nations (G7) met in Germany the same week to discuss international challenges. This year climate change was included. A discussion on “Decarbonization” of the international economic system occurred at the same time Norway, an oil-producing [...]

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Is Our Ocean Dying While We Are Sleeping?

The International Programme on the State of our Ocean (IPSO) reports that our ocean is under the greatest threat going back three hundred million years. Acidification of the ocean, due to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide is increasing at an intolerable rate. Not least, plankton in the ocean provide over half of Earth’s oxygen. Increasing [...]

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“One Does What One Can”

Perhaps it was Aesop (620-564BCE) a Greek master of fables who authored the “Source unknown” story of a little sparrow lying on its back with tiny feet pointed upward because of fear that the sky was falling. A rider on his horse spotted the prone bird and asked why it was in that awkward position. [...]

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Fossil Fuel Corporations Receive Subsidies to Rule the World

The Age of Stupid is a powerful documentary that helps us perceive corporations rule our world. One segment of the movie flows from Nigeria, a troubled, violent nation known for its abundant oil resources. During an interview with young women near oil contaminated water trying to clean oil from the shrinking number of fish they [...]

Our Lethal Ocean Is Dying to Tell Us Something

When “The Graduate” was a popular movie in the 1960’s, an uncle of the new grad (Dustin Hoffman) said: “I have got just one word for you – PLASTIC.” If there would be a 21st century sequel to that movie, an imaginary rich uncle might say: “I have just one word for you – GARBAGE.” [...]

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By Drilling for Tar Sands Oil TransCanada Became an Invading Army in Alberta, Canada

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC spares us the expense of travel and exposure to serious health problems by publishing photojournalistic articles on extraction of tar sands oil (bitumen) in the desecrated boreal forest region of Alberta, Canada. Although the invasion of KXL pipeline from Canada through Midwestern states and the vast Ogallala aquifer has been vetoed by President [...]

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Why Poison Our Drinking Water?

Anyone using toothpaste containing fluoride can take time to read the warning: “If too much is swallowed, consult your physician immediately or go to a POISON CONTROL CENTER.” In 2008 Louisiana passed legislation requiring any community over 5000 to put “fluoride” into the drinking water. A retired ULL engineering professor who has researched the controversial [...]

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When Trees Say Nothing Are We Perceiving Our Future?

When the Trees Say Nothing is one among sixty spiritual books written by Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, who spent most of his years in a monastery close to nature in rural Bardstown, Kentucky. The book on trees is a collection of his reflections on vanishing nature. A time capsule from the World’s Fair in [...]

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