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New York City Slows down to Save Lives

Henry Bliss tried to assist a woman descending from a trolley on W. 74th Street in New York City on September 14, 1899. He was struck by an electric taxi and became the first auto-related fatality in US history. Each year a memorial service is held on the corner of 74th & Park Ave. to [...]

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Is Pope Francis Courting Martyrdom?

Fifteen of the first thirty-five popes were martyred for challenging existing civil and religious systems. Pope St. George I was the last to die in 655. Roman emperors could not even dream of a global empire now embodied by the United States. Early popes spoke in defense of their faith in Christ while rejecting Roman [...]

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Ranking of Peaceful Countries and States

Dr. Joseph Fahey, PhD is an esteemed classmate who has taught for fifty years in the Peace Studies Dept. of Manhattan University. I extracted this list from his five decades of research and wisdom. Dr. Fahey gleaned from Peace Index (www.visionofhumanity.org, www.economicsandpeace.org, www.equalitytrust.org) this ranking is presented to readers of my web site. Dr. Fahey [...]

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Baseball Is a Metaphor on Life

LSU and ULL baseball have come to the forefront of publicity during the 2015 season. Sunday, June 14th, a towering 6 foot nine pitcher from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas helped to humble the LSU Tigers with a wide assortment of pitches and blazing fast ball. LSU did defeat University of Louisiana-Lafayette (ULL) [...]

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Conscientious Objectors to War Are Forerunners of a Civilized World

May 15th is International Conscientious Objectors day. Albert Einstein was a pacifist who said, “Conscientious objectors are forerunners of a world without war.” The respected anthropologist Ashley Montague believed, “A civilized society is one with compassion.” From a biblical perspective – “WAR BREAKS ALL TEN COMMANDMENTS.” When a US State Department representative was sent to [...]

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Appeal for Peace to Womanhood Throughout the World

Mothers’ Day in this century is a far distant observation during which Hallmark cards and restaurants profit. Amid the myriads of loving phone calls to the valiant women who brought us into the world, not much time is given to the 1870 Mothers’ Day Proclamation written by Juliet Ward Howe. “We women of one country [...]

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By Drilling for Tar Sands Oil TransCanada Became an Invading Army in Alberta, Canada

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC spares us the expense of travel and exposure to serious health problems by publishing photojournalistic articles on extraction of tar sands oil (bitumen) in the desecrated boreal forest region of Alberta, Canada. Although the invasion of KXL pipeline from Canada through Midwestern states and the vast Ogallala aquifer has been vetoed by President [...]

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Why Poison Our Drinking Water?

Anyone using toothpaste containing fluoride can take time to read the warning: “If too much is swallowed, consult your physician immediately or go to a POISON CONTROL CENTER.” In 2008 Louisiana passed legislation requiring any community over 5000 to put “fluoride” into the drinking water. A retired ULL engineering professor who has researched the controversial [...]

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Deliberate Collisions in Life

As New York based students of theology in the 1960’s we enjoyed toying with German phrases such as“weltnschauung” (world view point) or “sitz en leben” (situation in the world) gently poking fun at the German inclination to form big words. However, in March 2015 there was little humor generated by the deliberate crashing of a [...]

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Resurrection As “Violation of Roman Law”

During each Easter season, we seldom if ever hear of “Populusque Senatus Romanum (PQSR) the official seal of Rome’s mighty emperor. The Gospel of Matthew (27:66) states clearly a seal was placed across the tomb from which Jesus arose. As with all official government documents, the seal was a bold red wax affirmation. Illegally opening [...]

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