Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948) was our most prominent advocate of non-violence in the 20th century. Words of the final paragraph of his autobiography entitled “My Experiments with Truth” are worthy of memorization by all who are very anxious about survival in an age which multiplies bloodshed like mushrooms in forests near the Mississippi river in Illinois [...]

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Christmas 2016 – Warnings, Migrant Births & Assistance From “Doulas”

Fr. Rohr concludes, “We are all in school!” For the first time in nearly eighty years this December, I learned of professional midwifes who are called “Doulas.” The Chinese word for birth is “to come out to the world.” Was there a Doula present with Mary and Joseph at the moment Jesus entered our world?

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Hostages In Hells Bottom

The Berrigan brothers were prophetic leaders in the peace momentum. They followed an example of Gandhi, who read Jesus’ Beatitudes (Matthew V or Luke VI) every day. Like the uncertain number of arrests that their peace movement has endured, similarly could the Berrigans not enumerate their Pentagon visits.

Long Ago We Were Warned About Climate By Two Prophets

Will we pay attention to conservationist prophets, or chose to live like the last generation by our refusal to progress in non-carbon, renewable energy sources? The prophet’s responsibility is “to give them a warning.” (Ezekiel 3:16)

Can We Change More In The Next 10 Years Than In The Past 10,000?

“If it had been the design of human history to bring Earth to the edge of ruin, there is no better mechanism than the free market economy.” The teacher and I were amazed that none of the adult students could return the compound concept.

Women Hold up Half of the Sky

“Women hold up half the sky” is an ancient Chinese proverb. Women comprise over half of 7.2 billion people in the world of 2015. Discrimination against gifted females on the basis of gender can easily lead to a legal problem. In 1972 the Anglican Church (of England) in Hong Kong ordained Joyce Bennett as the [...]

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What the next USA President Will Inherit

The USA debt in 2015 is $18.6 trillion. We are writing bad checks to pay off debts and interest that will never be reduced. The Pentagon is consuming over $2 billion daily in 2015 in 1945 the figure was $1 billion for the year. President Obama’s plans for “modernization” of our nuclear arsenal will approach [...]

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1913 Was Our Last Normal Year

German statesman and founding father of the European Union Konrad Adenaur (1876-1967) observed:”1913 was the last normal year in history.” WWI was thought to be the war to end all wars, but actually opened floodgates of greater global violence. Walter Rauschenbusch (1861-1918) was a theologian and New York City pastor who promoted the social gospel [...]

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Conscientious Objectors to War Are Forerunners of a Civilized World

May 15th is International Conscientious Objectors day. Albert Einstein was a pacifist who said, “Conscientious objectors are forerunners of a world without war.” The respected anthropologist Ashley Montague believed, “A civilized society is one with compassion.” From a biblical perspective – “WAR BREAKS ALL TEN COMMANDMENTS.” When a US State Department representative was sent to [...]

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