What the next USA President Will Inherit

The USA debt in 2015 is $18.6 trillion. We are writing bad checks to pay off debts and interest that will never be reduced. The Pentagon is consuming over $2 billion daily in 2015 in 1945 the figure was $1 billion for the year. President Obama’s plans for “modernization” of our nuclear arsenal will approach [...]

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1913 Was Our Last Normal Year

German statesman and founding father of the European Union Konrad Adenaur (1876-1967) observed:”1913 was the last normal year in history.” WWI was thought to be the war to end all wars, but actually opened floodgates of greater global violence. Walter Rauschenbusch (1861-1918) was a theologian and New York City pastor who promoted the social gospel [...]

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Conscientious Objectors to War Are Forerunners of a Civilized World

May 15th is International Conscientious Objectors day. Albert Einstein was a pacifist who said, “Conscientious objectors are forerunners of a world without war.” The respected anthropologist Ashley Montague believed, “A civilized society is one with compassion.” From a biblical perspective – “WAR BREAKS ALL TEN COMMANDMENTS.” When a US State Department representative was sent to [...]

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When Trees Say Nothing Are We Perceiving Our Future?

When the Trees Say Nothing is one among sixty spiritual books written by Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk, who spent most of his years in a monastery close to nature in rural Bardstown, Kentucky. The book on trees is a collection of his reflections on vanishing nature. A time capsule from the World’s Fair in [...]

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To Save Life on Earth Nuclear Weapons Must Be Abolished

Fifty years ago Pope John XXIII called for abolition of all nuclear weapons. His plea was not a proverbial “voice in the wilderness.” The UN passed a resolution in 1962 that condemns any nation which contemplates use of atomic weapons of mass destruction. The Second Vatican Council in 1963 issued a strident statement denouncing use [...]

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Abolition of Atomic Weapons Has Never Been More Urgent

Shortly after the development and use of atomic weapons in the 1930’s then tragically in August 1945, nuclear scientists, anxious over what they had wrought, began writing the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BOAC). Every front cover of the publication carried a “doomsday clock” with midnight denoting the fatal moment that might bring nuclear conflagration/disaster/extinction of [...]

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Resurrection As “Violation of Roman Law”

During each Easter season, we seldom if ever hear of “Populusque Senatus Romanum (PQSR) the official seal of Rome’s mighty emperor. The Gospel of Matthew (27:66) states clearly a seal was placed across the tomb from which Jesus arose. As with all official government documents, the seal was a bold red wax affirmation. Illegally opening [...]

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We Humans Arrived on New Year’s Eve

Franciscan Father Richard Rohr observed, “The incarnation of Jesus has been celebrated globally on December 25th for over 2000 years. However, the first incarnation actually occurred over 4 billion years ago with God’s creation. How few look upon creation as the first divine intervention in history. Richard Rohr and thousands of others have been exposed [...]

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God’s First Self Revelation Was Four Billion Years Ago – May We Rejoice

Christmas in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center (LPCC) from 2000 until mandatory medical retirement in 2008 was a rather confining occasion. Who wants to be spending time in a “gated community” when family or friends are exchanging gifts and celebrating the focal point of human history? Christmas in jail, however it occurred is a “downer.” [...]

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“Just Put Your Money In That Box”

One day in November a kind neighbor brought several bags of sweet potatoes to our home. He sat for a moment to provide a tale of trust that would exceed any nutrition flowing from the potatoes. Our gift bearing neighbor was returning to Lafayette from his childhood home near Marksville north of “Oil City.” He [...]

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