How Einstein Wished to End the Atomic Arms Race

Historians know of Einstein’s regret for assistance in the atomic weapons program. His unopened letter to President Truman remained on the desk of the only president to authorize use of atom bombs. Einstein’s Project(name of a play) was to show horrors of such atomic widgets to people in the town square and witness citizens unanimous [...]

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Can We Elect the Best Louisiana Governor Money Cannot Buy?

Most of my adult life has been spent living within, under unjust, less than honorable political, economic systems. A friend in Lafayette echoes my feelings at this point: “Will you speak please?" my friend begs. My summers of 1965 and 1966 were spent in Harlem, a black colony within Manhattan and “The World’s Financial Center.” I learned to [...]

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Baseball Is a Metaphor on Life

LSU and ULL baseball have come to the forefront of publicity during the 2015 season. Sunday, June 14th, a towering 6 foot nine pitcher from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas helped to humble the LSU Tigers with a wide assortment of pitches and blazing fast ball. LSU did defeat University of Louisiana-Lafayette (ULL) [...]

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“One Does What One Can”

Perhaps it was Aesop (620-564BCE) a Greek master of fables who authored the “Source unknown” story of a little sparrow lying on its back with tiny feet pointed upward because of fear that the sky was falling. A rider on his horse spotted the prone bird and asked why it was in that awkward position. [...]

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Deliberate Collisions in Life

As New York based students of theology in the 1960’s we enjoyed toying with German phrases such as“weltnschauung” (world view point) or “sitz en leben” (situation in the world) gently poking fun at the German inclination to form big words. However, in March 2015 there was little humor generated by the deliberate crashing of a [...]

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Resurrection As “Violation of Roman Law”

During each Easter season, we seldom if ever hear of “Populusque Senatus Romanum (PQSR) the official seal of Rome’s mighty emperor. The Gospel of Matthew (27:66) states clearly a seal was placed across the tomb from which Jesus arose. As with all official government documents, the seal was a bold red wax affirmation. Illegally opening [...]

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Vanuatu Has a Message for You All on Earth

Vanuatu is a cluster of 70 small islands in the Pacific east of Australia. Over 200,000 people live in a remote region where a category five cyclone named “Pam” struck in mid-March. Over ninety percent of all buildings were damaged by the intense wind according to UN agencies, OXFAM and confirmed by officers from Australian [...]

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Memorial for Mary Harper (1933-2015), a Peacemaker from Kansas City

Mary Louise Hummert was the first daughter of Victor Joseph Hummert and Bertha (Sartory) Hummert, born on January 2, 1933 in Breese, IL. Mary’s sojourn ended after 2P.M. on the 82nd wedding anniversary of her parents V.J & Bertha, February 3, 2015. When the Joliet, IL prison, (south of Chicago) was opened in the 1930’s [...]

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Transition to IRENA Is Open to All States and Nations

My “ancestral village” in southern Illinois sits on top of what geologists call the “Illinois Basin” a huge ancient geological deposit of fossil fuels. My father worked briefly in a coal mine company initiated by his father in the 1920’s. The Breese-Trenton Mining Co. ceased operating in the 1950’s because bituminous coal was too polluting. [...]

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We Humans Arrived on New Year’s Eve

Franciscan Father Richard Rohr observed, “The incarnation of Jesus has been celebrated globally on December 25th for over 2000 years. However, the first incarnation actually occurred over 4 billion years ago with God’s creation. How few look upon creation as the first divine intervention in history. Richard Rohr and thousands of others have been exposed [...]

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