Is History Is Our Willingness To Do The “Impossible”?

Novelist Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) asked “Who is the moral person?” Responding to himself he educated all of us by stating “The beauty or ugliness of a character lay not only in achievements, but aims and impulse; true history lay not among things done but among things willed.” We, who use telephones daily and seldom deal [...]

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Buffalo Once Roamed In Louisiana

DAILY ADVERTISER editor Bill Decker wrote about vanishing species in our area. L.C. Curby (birth and death years not available) was the latest buffalo hunter who asked to be buried next to the last buffalo which he killed in Louisiana. The dedicated Lafayette Library reference workers determined this closing chapter of a majestic creature occurred [...]

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One Humble WW II Martyr Speaks To Us In 2014

Franz Jagerstatter (1907-1943) was the only person among 5000 in St. Radegund, Austria who refused to enter Hitler’s mandatory conscription after Nazis took over European lowlands. THE NEW YORK TIMES in 1937 reported US and British corporations gave support to Hitler, seeing him as the bulwark of opposition to Soviet Bolshevism that swept across Russia [...]

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We Are All Chosen People

Without doubt, Thomas Berry (1914-2009) is the wisest person I ever met. In recent years, an intense emotional discussion has come to the forefront about “the chosen people.” The question arises: Chosen for what?” I was struck by Berry’s most profound insight for each one of us to ponder. He points out: “Genetically, we are [...]

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Israelis Are Turning Against Israel

During the 1980’s Mordechai Vanunu worked in the Israeli nuclear weapon division of his powerful nation. He was the first in recent decades to break open the secret of Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons. His plan to speak with a reporter from THE LONDON TIMES was interrupted by the Mossad (Israel’s CIA), who whisked him [...]

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Seven Elements

A friend in her 90’s told me of former BP CEO Sir John Browne’s book, Seven Elements That Changed the World. Those elements are: *Iron *Carbon *Gold *Silver  *Uranium *Titanium *Silicon (found in Earth’s crust) Having read the latest publication of Climate Assessment Report that warns humankind of a warming, rising ocean due to billions [...]

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Leaving Mt. Everest in Peace

Who was the first person to climb Mt. Everest is a subject of debate for  climbers. Those who follow the history closely claim Andrew Irvine was the first to do so in 1924. It is not possible to climb a 29,000 foot peak without assistants. George Mallory went on the long journey and died in the attempt. Searchers [...]

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Governance by Fear Threatens Earth

As WWII ended Senator Arthur Vandenberg  (1884-1951) advised Harry Truman: “If you want to keep the USA on a war economy, you must scare the hell out of the people.” A former US Air Force pilot informed me decades ago: “Peace is not good for us as fighting men.” A high ranking officer in Honolulu visited a small church in 1980. He made [...]

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Melting Ice at the Highest Point on Earth

The Fate Of Mountain Glaciers in the Anthropocene (induced by humans) was published in March 2011 with little fanfare. Researchers at the Pontifical Institute in Rome studied how 400 glaciers were simply melting away on our watch. Little attention was paid to the brief report with photos of glaciers. April 18, 2014 all channels of the evening [...]

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Where Our Tax Dollars Went

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) based in Philadelphia, birthplace of US independence calculated where our tax dollars really go. (Jim Cason is the researcher for documentation. Follow him on Twitter @jimcason.)  Let  us visualize coins stacked unequally to imagine government expenditures of about: *40 cents for military spending *23 cents for health care *16 cents for [...]

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