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War as Diplomacy Was Outlawed in 1928 – THE USA SIGNED ON

August 27, 1928 Frank Kellogg from the USA and Aristede Briand from France signed the Kellogg-Briand pact which made war an illegal means of international diplomacy. The biblical mandate “Do not kill” does not have footnotes (exceptions). When one kills another person in their own home or on the nearby street, a heavy penalty follows. [...]

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Appeal for Peace to Womanhood Throughout the World

Mothers’ Day in this century is a far distant observation during which Hallmark cards and restaurants profit. Amid the myriads of loving phone calls to the valiant women who brought us into the world, not much time is given to the 1870 Mothers’ Day Proclamation written by Juliet Ward Howe. “We women of one country [...]

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“The Only Appropriate Public Event for George W. Bush Is His Own Trial”

Hofstra University held a public hearing on the legacy of President George W. Bush in mid-March. Scholar and outspoken heroine Phyllis Bennis of the Public Policy Institute was seated among former government officials at the event. Bennis personified the claim of George Orwell (1903-1950): “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a [...]

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Deliberate Collisions in Life

As New York based students of theology in the 1960’s we enjoyed toying with German phrases such as“weltnschauung” (world view point) or “sitz en leben” (situation in the world) gently poking fun at the German inclination to form big words. However, in March 2015 there was little humor generated by the deliberate crashing of a [...]

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Veterans for Peace Tally the Cost of War

A Veteran For Peace whom I met twice was the late Admiral Noel Gaylor. He retired after 45 years of active duty in the US Navy. Gaylor was the most forceful speaker against nuclear weapons I ever heard. With great conviction he declared “The only defense against nuclear weapons is to stop building them.” That [...]

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Who Needs Rehabilitation in Our Age?

Kathy Kelly (1953 - ) and Susan Lindauer (1963 - ) are two women in legal difficulty with the US government for their peaceful, truth-filled lives of opposition to drone attacks and deaths of civilians in small foreign nations. Kathy Kelly and I were invited during the 1980’s to speak in Kansas City, MO schools [...]

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“For Me God Is Truth”

Without doubt Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948) was the foremost spokesperson for non-violent action and life in the 20th century. History reveals quickly that for anyone who is an advocate of non-violence, there is no certitude that she/he will not die from violence. Gandhi was murdered by another Indian in his long struggle to rid India of [...]

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The Pinochet Principle – Who Is Next?

Michael Ratner is a New York attorney who works at the Center for Constitutional Rights. He poses this legal precedent following revelation of CIA “enhanced interrogation” tactics and US government refusal to prosecute major actors such as George Bush, Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld. World opinion is not congruent or even slightly sympathetic to US [...]

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Beheading Truth For Going To War Again

Seekers of truth watched DEMOCRACY NOW with Amy Goodman on the day after “9/11” which featured two co-workers of US journalists who were beheaded in the endless Persian Gulf slaughter. Both guests told Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez the two victims would be angry over the decision by Mr. Obama to beat emotional war drums [...]

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One Humble WW II Martyr Speaks To Us In 2014

Franz Jagerstatter (1907-1943) was the only person among 5000 in St. Radegund, Austria who refused to enter Hitler’s mandatory conscription after Nazis took over European lowlands. THE NEW YORK TIMES in 1937 reported US and British corporations gave support to Hitler, seeing him as the bulwark of opposition to Soviet Bolshevism that swept across Russia [...]

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