War Crimes

/War Crimes

Beheading Truth For Going To War Again

Seekers of truth watched DEMOCRACY NOW with Amy Goodman on the day after “9/11” which featured two co-workers of US journalists who were beheaded in the endless Persian Gulf slaughter. Both guests told Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez the two victims would be angry over the decision by Mr. Obama to beat emotional war drums [...]

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One Humble WW II Martyr Speaks To Us In 2014

Franz Jagerstatter (1907-1943) was the only person among 5000 in St. Radegund, Austria who refused to enter Hitler’s mandatory conscription after Nazis took over European lowlands. THE NEW YORK TIMES in 1937 reported US and British corporations gave support to Hitler, seeing him as the bulwark of opposition to Soviet Bolshevism that swept across Russia [...]

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