Weapons of Mass Destruction

/Weapons of Mass Destruction

Hostages In Hells Bottom

The Berrigan brothers were prophetic leaders in the peace momentum. They followed an example of Gandhi, who read Jesus’ Beatitudes (Matthew V or Luke VI) every day. Like the uncertain number of arrests that their peace movement has endured, similarly could the Berrigans not enumerate their Pentagon visits.

We Are Completely Insecure

In this election year how many money-begging candidates for the Oval Office have pondered the wisdom of Admiral Noel Gaylor (1914-2011) who served in the US Navy for 45 years?

Two Books All USA Citizens Should Study For Understanding Who We Are

Both Albertini and Douglass have merited considerable respect in the peace community for opposition to the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) that dominates our nation. Years of peace actions qualify Albertini and Douglas to write of their experiences and share their research.

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Are We Pawns On The Devil’s Chessboard?

Are we tax paying pawns in a system that bleeds over $2 billion daily for “defense”? Has the Pentagon operative Ashton Carter, now serving as Secretary of Defense that mysteriously replaced dismissed secretary Chuck Hegel in order to continue a history in which the USA has been at war 222 out of 239 years?

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Dorothy Day, M.L.King, Thomas Merton Praised by Pope Francis

During his brief visit to the USA Pope Francis mentioned three prophetic individuals whose words might penetrate the consciousness of a nation that is considered “weak and vulnerable” by several candidates for Commander-In-Chief. The BULLETIN OF ATOMIC SCIENTISTS posts a “Doomsday Clock” on every cover. In 2015 the long hand was moved to three minutes [...]

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If It Is Evil to Kill, the Very Thought of Killing Is Also Forbidden

September is a critical moment in our history. Humans began tinkering underground this month with atomic weapons that can destroy entire cities or nations. During my time (1980-1981) studying linguistics and Chinese at the University of Hawaii I learned the USA had over 40,000 targets in the former USSR. I discovered the US Navy ”roamed [...]

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Where Is There a Real Existing Nuclear Threat in the Persian Gulf?

Mordechai Vanunu was a technician with the nuclear weapons program already existing in Israel during the 1980’s. Vanunu was en route to be interviewed by a reporter from THE LONDON TIMES when Mossad agents of Israel’s intelligence agency then snatched him in a London “honey trap”, whisked him off to Tel Aviv, found him guilty [...]

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Which President Will Support PNAC in Coming Years?

Project for a New American Century (PNAC) is a 75-page document drawn up by highly patriotic individuals (“neocons”) in 1997. PNAC is the brain child of Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfield, Paul Wolfowitz with ex-CIA head George Herbert Walker Bush. Reporters in 2015 hesitate to ask Jeb Bush about his support for PNAC. Other brazen reporters [...]

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