The USA sold weapons to Iran and Iraq during the 1980’s to ensure both nations would fight each other rather than threaten Israel. Since the 1967 Six-Day war, Israel remains the lone nation among 195 countries that tolerates US “expansive” policies.

Martin Luther King. Jr described USA behavior as – “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.” Historian James Douglas concluded King, JFK, and Malcolm X were all killed by the CIA.

Mike Pompeo, former CIA head, is now a dangerous, powerful Secretary of State. His CIA replacement, Gina Haskell, was officer-in-charge of secret US torture programs. John Bolton completes a bellicose triangle.

One of my 1960’s university classmates applied to the CIA but quickly dropped out when asked by officers if he “would be willing to act immorally on behalf of the USA.” Another New York friend – “Larry T” left his university teaching position to work with the CIA “for more money and his personal mistaken belief he could reform the organization.” During ten years in Hong Kong, language teachers thought I was a CIA agent because of my USA roots and ability to speak Chinese.

“007” was my nickname. Peace protests before the US consulate in Hong Kong proved my political leanings did not support our global militarism.
As May 2019 judicial jaws squeeze “Individual#1” in the Oval Office, it has become a White House tactic – pointing to external enemies as the “real threat.” This was a method utilized by Goebbels, the WWII Third Reich minister of Propaganda.

Secretary of State Pompeo perceives lawyers defending lawyers in a swamp of Washington deceitfulness cannot continue. Louisiana was called upon to send B-52 bombers from Barksdale AFB thousands of miles to threaten Iran. Iran and dozens of countries know with certitude there are 45 USA bases surrounding an Islamic country which controls the Straits of Hormuz. If attacked by US bombers and a US naval fleet, Iran can shut off oil supplies flowing from that region. Venezuela then becomes the largest pool of oil for Washington to covet.

As investigations surround and subpoena Donald Trump Jr, Secretary Pompeo must add Venezuela as another threat to US interests in an age of deceit when “speaking truth is a revolutionary act.” (Orwell – 1984)
There are 800 US military installations in over 70 nations.

How many countries have stationed their troops, planes, warships on or near US territory?

With US ships in the Black Sea, bordering Russia, Vice President Pence arrogantly snapped at Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov – “Venezuela is our neighborhood!”

A US Naval fleet is in the Black Sea, only miles from Russian territory. Do Iran, Russia, and dozens of nations welcome our military bases and war ships? Who threatens Louisiana Barksdale B-52’s?