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Who has time Or energy to name Forty billion more galaxies?* *The Hubbell spacecraft discovered forty billion new galaxies in the 1990's.

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Truth* alone knows our Hour of liberation to Endless ecstasy** (#13,126) *”For me God is Truth.” (Gandhi) ** God’s Reign of endless Compassion

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“For us life is Christ” To die is eternal gain”* Never be afraid (#13,127) Paul’s letter to the Philippians 1:21

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Energy is gift Flowing forth in limitless Acts of charity (#13,128)

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Pigeons have freedom Access to food unknown by Many New Yorkers* (#13,129) *While attending the 2009 memorial service for Fr. Thomas Berry at St. John the Divine church in NYC I witnessed the contrast between thousands of suffering homeless beggars in “the World’s Financial Center” and begging pigeons. The birds were clearly respected and being [...]

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