Earth Day Message 2017

Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, now 89 years of age, spoke to a Lafayette civic group in April 2017.  A gentleman in the audience asked governor Edwards what he would do if he became king for a day enabling him to change anything in need of repair. The Governor replied without hesitation: “I would do [...]

Only Humans Will Poison Their Water Supply

Historians define “Four cradles of human civilization” as the Tigris & Euphrates, Indus River, Nile Valley and Huang He (China) as vital regions on Earth which indicate clearly our survival is intimately linked to pure, abundant water.  Jared Diamond’s scholarly books point out how civilizations collapsed because their water supply dwindled.  Cadillac Desert by Marc [...]

When Will “Democracy Now” Be Silenced?

While living in Ossining, NY during the 1960’s, I listened to my friend Jim Beach from Tarrytown, NY give honest political reports about events each evening on Radio WHUD (Tarrytown is a city on the Hudson River 25 miles north of New York City). One day Jim received a phone call from a man in Cleveland who said “Your political comments would no longer be needed.” Jim and I were somewhat shocked to discover his astute progressive political observations would be replaced by a corporate takeover.

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We Are Completely Insecure

In this election year how many money-begging candidates for the Oval Office have pondered the wisdom of Admiral Noel Gaylor (1914-2011) who served in the US Navy for 45 years?

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Don’t Just Say Something, Stand There: Local Artistic Contributions

Presence of toxic wastes near the old railroad location brought forth a lawsuit from Lafayette citizens. Railroad officials have until March 24th to respond to legal action.

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Where Have All The Winters Gone?

While some university degree holders and elected officials deny what Mr. Judice and my father sensed as students of nature, these two non-degreed men by simply observing drastic natural changes had “Masters in Earth’s misery.” plus PhD’s in nature’s poverty.

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Water Wars: Cochabamba, Bolivia Flint, Michigan and Our Chicot Aquifer

Children in Flint now have an unacceptable amount of lead in their blood. This means serious brain damage.

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Would Rosa Parks Cooperate With I-49?

Lafayette, LA city officials held a press conference that day in the Rosa Parks Center announcing a US government grant of $300,000 to spark economic growth as a 5.5-mile Interstate passes through the heart of Lafayette. I-49 is questioned by many citizens and members of the Sierra Club, turning the familiar “I-49 Corridor” into “Y-49?”

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