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Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway wrote The Collapse of Western Civilization – a View From the Future. In this study they coined a cosmic economic term – “Carbon Combustion Complex” (CCC) which describes the largest economic entity that ever existed.

Anthropologists define our past history as the “Holocene” dating back 11,700 years. In 2011, Paul Crutzen introduced “Anthropocene” as a new geological age in which humans are the sole determining force of history. It was significant that Rome’s Pontifical Institute of Science issued a paper entitled The Fate Of Mountain Glaciers In the Anthropocene in March 2011. For those who persist in denial of global warming, the study from Rome considers over 400 glaciers that have simply vanished from global warming. (Editor: Link to the paper here: The Fate Of Mountain Glaciers In the Anthropocene).

Melting of Mt. Everest at 29.000 feet proves no place on Earth is safe from unlimited burning of fossil fuels. A report issued in The Guardian (27 May 2015) indicated over 5000 glaciers in the Mt. Everest region will disappear by the end of this century.

Forbes magazine, the “Capitalist Tool” lists the top economic success stories yearly.

Following Wal-Mart and Apple as world-wide profitable companies are China’s National Petroleum in fourth place and another Chinese giant Sinopec (China’s Oil & Chemical conglomerate). Royal Dutch Shell comes in at 6th and Exxon at 7th. To what end are China’s economic achievements if millions living in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities cannot breathe polluted air?  How will India feel proud of its economic gains if four leading centers of urban pollution are located there? Delhi ranks in first place.

Champions of the Carbon Combustion Complex chortled over fine wines in Mar-a-Lago, expensive restaurants or in clubs following US elections in 2016. As wine and quality meals go down, our ocean continues to rise globally. When Wall Street is shut down a third time by the Atlantic Ocean, former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson, now US Secretary of State, might join millions in Tokyo, Shanghai, Bombay, Sao Paulo and refugees from the rising Bay of Bengal on the coast of Bangladesh as they flee a rising ocean.  How will those “so called experts” gathered in a “Situation Room” of several USA White Houses cope with a migrant flood that exceeds anything following WWII?

A group of children (Click for article on: Kelsey Juliana versus USA) in the state of Washington has sued the Obama administration for failure to protect future generations from global warming. Slight gains under the Obama regime are to be scuttled in coming days.

No head of state can negotiate with Earth, climate change or a rising ocean.

April 29th there will be a Climate Mobilization Day to counter Earth’s Carbon Combustion Complex.

We all can spare an hour to view 30 Seconds To Midnight which details major global threats while children continue their lawsuit against our dozing government.