The British Broadcasting Corporation in December 2017 quoted General H.R. McMaster, President Trump’s choice after General Flynn was fired. McMaster said: “We will be compelled to denuclearize North Korea.” In a world of instant communication, there is no doubt everyone on the Korean peninsula, Japan and China will interpret this comment might mean a surprise first strike on the nuclear facility in North Korea.

Benjamin Whorf (1897-1941) is a prominent linguist who originated “The Whorfian Hypothesis” in which he points out changing words will alter thinking of the people. If anyone in the Trump administration carefully hinted a direct nuclear strike is planned for North Korea, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock would be moved from two minutes and thirty seconds to midnight perhaps to only sixty seconds from nuclear conflagration. The world community would quickly condemn such a plan.

President Trump has no military experience whatsoever and probably never visited the Hiroshima Peace Museum. One million people annually walk through three floors housing hundreds of photos taken after the US 1945 bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Many who visited Hiroshima undergo psychological transformations.

General McMasters and all in the Trump circle are advised to reflect on wise words of Admiral Noel Gayler who spent forty five years on active duty in the US Navy. Hiroshima Remembrance Day (August 6, 1982) Gayler spoke in Haverford College, McMaster’s home city of Philadelphia: “The day we dropped an atomic bomb on Japan we made ourselves completely defenseless; the day we detonated a hydrogen bomb we made ourselves 1000 times more defenseless. The only defense against nuclear weapons is to stop building them!” The audience rose for a standing applause of three minutes.

The USA now has Korea, China, Russia, Iran surrounded by our military installations. Pentagon rhetoric wrapped in the Whorfian hypothesis hope to make US citizens think enemies are all around us and we need nuclear weapons to defend ourselves.

US Ambassador to the UN Mrs. Nikki Haley is a strident opponent of the July 7, 2017 overwhelming vote (122 yes, 1 no) to abolish nuclear weapons. Earth’s future is in the balance now.

As the former Governor of South Carolina, how would Haley respond if an order was given to “denuclearize” the toxic 300 square mile Savannah River nuclear weapons site in Aiken which employs thousands of workers?  Daniel Ellsberg, as a pentagon worker in the Kennedy administration was told “600 million would die” (Almighty by Dan Zak, p.75) in the US plan for a first strike on China and the Soviet Union. An attack on North Korea will be catastrophic. Will Trump’s General please speak straight frightening truth?