122 countries in the United Nations voted unanimously to abolish nuclear weapons. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to International Campaign for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

US Ambassador to the UN Mrs. Nikki Haley was a leading opponent of the UN decision calling for abolition. She has two teenage children who will inherit a dangerous future.

A prominent, forthright retired US general said “The nuclear enterprise is a major reason for our rejection of the UN decision to abolish weapons” that will terminate civilization. When I asked his personal opinion on the subject he said bluntly, “I could live without those weapons!”

Four journalists from the McClatchy Washington Bureau (December 13, 2015) provide the facts about a lucrative enterprise that will benefit from President Obama’s $1 trillion “modernization” program of US nuclear weapons employing  tens of thousands in a nation where economic growth is sluggish. President Trump intends to increase thousands of US nuclear weapons “ten fold.” He also speaks of “removing North Korea from the face of Earth!” Here are reasons for US resistance to the UN vote:

  • Kansas City Plant/National Security Campus – KCMO
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Livermore, California
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory – Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • Nevada Test Site – Mercury, Nevada
  • Pantex Plant – Amarillo, Texas
  • Sandia National Laboratories – Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Savannah River Site – Aiken, South Carolina (where Mrs. Haley was governor)
  • Y-12 Plant – Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Uranium production) – Oak Ridge, Tenn.
  • Mound Plant – Miamisburg, Ohio
  • Feed Materials Production Center (FMPC) – Fernald, Ohio
  • Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant – Paducah, Ky.
  • Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant – Piketon, Ohio
  • Rocky Flats Plant – Golden, Colo.
  • West Valley Demonstration Plant – West Valley, NY



107,374 Sick workers seeking compensation

48.9% case approval rate

325 nuclear sites produced contaminants

$9.4 billion compensation paid

$2.5 billion medical bills paid

186,000 workers exposed to radiation.


Saving our civilization and planet ranks before trillions in the nuclear war business. Mrs. Haley might learn from her children.