Anyone who uses toothpaste containing fluoride can read the warning on each tube advising those “who swallow too much go to your physician or report to a Poison Control Center.” Bags of fluoride sent to municipal water departments are clearly marked “TOXIC” with alarming SKULL AND BONES. These are images that need no explanation. Why then do we continue a half century of poisoning drinking water?

A brilliant professor taught our university class: “The human mind has an infinite capacity to resist inputs of new information.” We have slow forty to fifty-year learning curves. During the 1960’s doctors actually appeared with a special brand of cigarette, expressing support of one “cancer stick” to smokers.

Lafayette, LA is one of the archaic communities where smoking is still permitted in bars or restaurants if music is played. The unhealthy internal debate on lethal secondary smoke drags on as the health of workers in such establishments moves towards more lung disease and cancer. Will a new mayor of Lafayette and forthcoming governor of Louisiana address poisonous sodium fluoride in our water and hazardous air from tobacco? Perhaps litigation is our only recourse. Pure air and untainted water are luxuries that must be defended for future generations.

Opponents of dumping sodium fluoride (an industrial toxic waste) into drinking water have chosen to follow a litigation path by those who drove tobacco from our midst. Thanks to decades of public education and litigation against giant tobacco corporations in n 2015 less than 25% of US citizens dare to light up in the presence of others. Mildly considerate smokers will offer to walk outside of a home or restaurant when gripped by a “nicotine craving.” Drivers can be seen holding their cigarettes out of a car window while proceeding in traffic. Neither maneuver is prudent while driving.

Fluoride Action Network (FAN) is an international body now driving toxic industrial wastes from public water systems. Mark Atkin from New Zealand’s Fluoride Action Network (FANNZ) predicts lawsuits over fluoridation will make the tobacco lawsuits look like child’s play.” He explains: “With tobacco, people had a choice to smoke or not, and juries had little sympathy for claimants. But fluoride is put into your water without your consent, and promoted by governments.

One former employee in Lafayette, LA declared he would quit before “putting that stuff in our water.” What of other Louisiana communities still impaled under the 2008 Jyndal legislation demanding every community over 5000 must put sodium fluoride in their drinking water?

Mark Atkin of FANNZ concludes, “The world should be grateful to whistleblowers like Dr. Wigund (tobacco) and others. It is a pity it seems to take 50 years for these deceptions to be finally acted on, just like asbestos and lead in petrol. Fluoride’s 50 years is just about up.” For fluoride, translate “Sodium Fluoride” with hope that officials to be chosen in 2016 will act with enlightenment and determination to protect the health of all citizens. Louisiana could be the first state to become FLUORIDE FREE!