The New York Times reported after Donald Trump’s acquittal that Republicans voted to acquit the Commander-In-Chief (once called “Individual #1” in special hearings) they voted to acquit Donald Trump because they lived in fear of reprisal or revenge by Mr. Trump.

Former Mayor Bloomberg declares only he is capable of defeating Trump because “We are both New York City street fighters!” When asked by a journalist what he thought of running against another billionaire. Bloomberg replied: “Who is the other one?”

President Trump has continued to evade the revelation of his taxes over the past decades. He knows the IRS, not law officers or a system of justice brought down Al Capone.

The litany of officials who have left under Donald Trump’s reign continues to grow. Can anyone who claims to be a “stable genius” be either?

It was the Roman emperor Caligula (37-41 AD) who said, “ I know they hate me, just so they fear me!”