Caught between two tsunamis – nuclear & climate

Caught between two tsunamis – nuclear & climate

“Where there is no vision, people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)

*What is the most significant secular date in history? Novelist Arthur Koestler believes August 6, 1945 : “After Hiroshima we live with the possible extinction of our species.”

*Military General Lee Butler (1938-) “We must destroy them before they destroy us!”

*Admiral Noel Gayler (1914 – 2011) with 45 years in US Navy said: “Only defense against nuclear weapons is to stop building them.”

*100 years ago, Svante Arrhenius warned of fossil fuels heating planet; repeated warning in 1905.

*Carbon levels highest in 800,000 years. (Business Insider) Scientists fear Paleo Ecocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) will return making life on earth more difficult.

Carbon Combustion Complex and MIC – the most powerful enterprises in history

*Fires in Australia destroyed area the size of Indiana or four times size of London

*400 glaciers have melted with Mt. Everest affected, melting glaciers will bring more water into the atmosphere and raise ocean levels. Venice is a measure of the future.

*There is no stronger teacher in history than our sacred ocean (haiku by Vic Hummert)

*Plane crash in Lafayette strains local burn units

*Henry Hub was one of top ten KGB targets in cold war

*July 2017 – 123 countries vote to abolish nuclear weapons – 123 burn units in the USA

2020 – 7,861 Mayors For Peace in 163 countries invite all to join (Call Lafayette, LA mayor)

*Greta Thunberg is a descendant of Svante Thunberg. Twice on Time cover.

*Are we paying attention to Greta and Mayors For Peace on climate, weapons?