Noel Gayler

HIROSHIMA Memorial Day – August 6, 1980 Admiral Noel Gayler (1914-2011) with 45 years active duty in the US Navy spoke with authority at Haverford College in Philadelphia “The day we dropped an atomic bomb on Japan we made ourselves totally defenseless. The day we detonated a hydrogen bomb we made ourselves 1000 times more defenseless. The only defense against nuclear weapons is to stop building them!”

We all stood for a three-minute applause.

General Lee Butler (1939 -) declared it is our moral imperative to abolish nuclear weapons.

President Barack Obama authorized a $1 trillion program to modernize nuclear weapons. This will only make war more likely.

A retired US general told me US opposition to the July 7, 2017 UN vote to abolish nuclear weapons was because of “the money involved” in a multi trillion-dollar deadly enterprise.

One trillion dollars distributed among three million US citizens would mean a $3,333 distribution to each citizen of the country. The average US credit card debt is $3,245 per citizen.

The “moral imperative” for abolition stressed by General Butler is more significant to our future than a national debt of $22 trillion which will never be paid off.

physicians for the prevention of nuclear war

International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) are pleased to report twenty-five countries have given their support to the UN vote of July 2017 for abolition of nuclear weapons.

When fifty of the 195 countries in the UN sign on to that agreement it will become International Law.

Future generations will thank military abolitionists and thousands of Mayors for Peace who have joined the call for inevitable abolition of all nuclear weapons.

What is your/our mayor thinking about abolition?