Historians define “Four cradles of human civilization” as the Tigris & Euphrates, Indus River, Nile Valley and Huang He (China) as vital regions on Earth which indicate clearly our survival is intimately linked to pure, abundant water.  Jared Diamond’s scholarly books point out how civilizations collapsed because their water supply dwindled.  Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner tells how the Western USA is now threatened because of diminishing water in a desert area.

skull and crossbones

While walking the beautiful Appalachian Trail (stretching 2200 miles from Maine to Georgia) in 1982, we crossed crystal clear streams with large signs: “POISON (skull & bones) – DO NOT DRINK THIS WATER!”  How are non-human four legged creatures able to perceive “thinking beings” have poisoned their water which sustains all life?

Non-environmental organizations might gain rapt attention of skeptical citizens who regard zealots over care of nature as a “nuisance.”  The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a facet of the US Energy Agency (DOE) that develops suicidal nation/continent/Earth-destroying nuclear weapons.

“Two researchers from ORNL Curtis Travis and Sheri Hester published a new study of Earth’s chemical contamination and confirmed what many people already knew: the entire surface is polluted.” (Environmental Science & Technology Vol. 25, No. 5 (May 1991) pgs. 814-819)

Once in my brief life, I cupped my hands and drank water from the Jordan River in 1981 without ill effects.  Never will I attempt this again.  If we ingest contamination by water or food it remains with us. Hepatitis caught from drinking foul water might be a lifetime foe.

By 2014, officials in Tel Aviv discouraged ceremonial baptisms in the Jordan because of contamination. Tour organizations cannot refuse visitors to Israel an opportunity to be photographed in the once pure stream where Jesus Christ was baptized by St. John.  Polluted water from bathing or swimming can also do serious damage to our health.

Jordan River baptisms occurred in a pristine, pre-industrial civilization.  Within centuries, “two legged, large brain” beings (Kurt Vonnegut’s term) have polluted the entire 197 million square miles of Earth.

Existence of toxic waste sites in Lafayette, LA is irrefutable.

ORNL researcher’s announcement about entire planetary pollution did not offer advice on how to spare the once pure Chicot aquifer. Will Louisiana’s precious aquifer suffer the same fate as sources such as the Jordan, Tigris & Euphrates, Egypt’s Nile, India’s Ganges & Hooghly, and China’s Huang He?

Pre-Industrial glacial sources thousands of feet below Earth’s soil are safe from humans.

Would citizens of South Louisiana dare to poison their own wells?