Rex Tillerson is the Exxon CEO who is receiving $100,000 daily ($24.3 million in 2016) as reward for leadership in the corporation. Exxon ranks fourth among global oil giants behind two Chinese firms in (first and second place), then Royal Dutch Shell.

Tillerson admitted global warming is a reality but added “We shall adapt.”

Two climate change researchers from Loyola Marymount (Climate Change Vol. 6 Feb 06) prepared an article entitled “West Asia Climate May Exceed Threshold of Human Adaptability.” They cited temperatures of 130 degrees striking Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait. Some climate experts believe the Middle East could become uninhabitable by 2100 if the mercury keeps rising. A San Antonio, Texas Hispanic newspaper “Adveniat” (September 1994) featured an article “What if the land becomes uninhabitable?” (¿Qué pasaría si la Tierra fuera habitabile?)

Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki (1937 –     ) is convinced “If we do not change our relationship with the planet in a few decades we are toast.”

The Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) is the biggest economic entity in history. The mighty Military Industrial Complex (MIC), coined by General Eisenhower is totally dependent upon the CCC to operate ships, planes, tanks and empower armies that threaten all living beings in our planetary future.

President-elect Trump is a billionaire business person who looks to other leaders in the economic community to serve in government; ethics are optional.

Trump’s choice of Rex Tillerson did not even suit the prominent capitalist Rockefeller family. “The Rockefeller Family Fund vs. Exxon” by David Kaiser & Lee Wasserman (NY Review of Books, December 8, 2016).

Earlier this year our organization, the Rockefeller Family Fund (RFF), announced that it would divest its holdings in fossil fuel companies. We mean to do this gradually, but in a public statement we singled out ExxonMobil for immediate divestment because of its “morally reprehensible conduct.” (NY Review of Books, p.31)

Is it not “morally reprehensible” to Mr. Trump that Rex Tillerson was CEO of a firm that deceitfully covered up scientific information about climate change beginning in the 1970’s? The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCC) produced “Climate Deception Dossiers.”

Over 1600 scientists in 1992 issued a study entitled “Humans Are on a Collision Course with Earth.” Kirkpatrick Sale (1937-    ) said “If it had been the design of history to bring Earth to the edge of ruin, there is no better mechanism than the free market economy.”

Are Exxon and Russian Oil firms good for our future? Will we adapt, wake up or bake?