Louisiana, on June 11,2008, under Governor Bobby Jindal was the first state to propose controversial legislation (LA Science Education Act SB733) attempting to ban use of language such as “global warming” and “creationism.”

There is compelling scientific information about heat records being set then broken yearly, rising and warming ocean levels that will turn Miami, New York City and other coastal cities into islands. However, some states have chosen to adopt linguistic laws that will not stop or reverse scientific certainties.

National Geographic published photo journalism regarding the soggy future of Miami and Florida itself. Governor Rick Scott and elected officials in Florida have followed Louisiana’s example in legislation against unsavory language about climate change and global warming. MOTHER JONES (April 8, 2015) points out Florida has been joined by North Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin in scrubbing out climate language.

Debates among potential candidates for the Oval Office in 2016 are noted more for embarrassing elementary insults and childish playground fighting rather than rational discussion over how to alleviate climate change or curtail global threats of looming nuclear warfare.

COP21 was the climate conference held in Paris during which delegates from 195 nations considered the future of our “Climate Generation.”

Will elected officials wisely pick up the 2015 Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) “Dossier on Climate Deception” courtesy of a mighty Carbon Combustion Complex (CCC) or continue muddling through a stagnant oil slick pool of climate denial?

In 1992 dozens of UCS scientists published “Humanity Is On A Collision Course With Earth.”

Twenty four years after the UCS warning will elections in 2016 favor candidates who want to pass laws banning reports on global warming, climate change, warming and rising ocean levels? or will aspiring public officials imagine what they already know – Miami, New Orleans, Norfolk, Virginia, New York City are facing the invincible threat from a rising Atlantic ?

Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Norfolk, VA hosts the world’s largest navy base. The coastal area of Virginia is sinking as Commodore Atlantic rises to envelop the navy base and Norfolk.

Will 2016 presidential candidates and coastal state officials begin to imagine what they already know regarding climate change, or will they join a 21st century Flat Earth Society now banning language about our environmental realities?