Millions of viewers/listeners squirmed in agony as President Donald Trump excoriated several national leaders and threatened to destroy 25 million people in North Korea where a nationalistic Kim Jong Un dangerously pursued a nuclear weapons policy because he seeks “nuclear parity.” China, Russia and Asian government officials know there is a “noose” of several hundred military bases around nations President Trump considers “threats to US security.” 90% of 15,000 nuclear weapons are in Russian and USA arsenals.

“Lady Bird” Johnson told a journalist of one USA defunct magazine, her husband did not seek another term in office because he was under pressure to use nuclear weapons in order to end the Vietnam war. Which world leader would want to be remembered in history as having used city/nation destroying weapons the third, perhaps final time?

By annihilating North Korea, the USA would quadruple Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

General Kelly and all those with military experience know rhetoric displayed by Mr. Trump in his first UN experience will bring more devastation than massive hurricanes now looming and the quakes which have struck Mexico twice.

USA ambassador to the UN, Mrs. Nikki Haley and Donald Trump know 122 members of the UN voted on July 7, 2017 to abolish nuclear weapons. They also know of experienced US Navy Admiral Noel Gayler’s warning: “The day we dropped atomic bombs on Japan, we made ourselves completely defenseless. The only defense against nuclear weapons is to stop making them!”

General Kelly’s expression in the UN manifests fear he cannot control President Trump. Abolition of nuclear weapons will hinder the trillion-dollar enterprise which employs tens of thousands in the USA.