During ten years in the British colony of Hong Kong three pro bono lawyers helped me while in contact with the poorest people in a city claiming more billionaires than found in New York, London or any other prominent metropolis on Earth.

One rather impoverished woman came to the church where I lived in the 1970’s and requested a lawyer for her brother, two sisters, their boyfriends after they were sentenced to death following a “crime” of killing an unscrupulous father during an argument. The father was a gang figure, drug dealer and involved in HK prostitution. The mother died when her children were small.  The shadowy father raised his children with a heavy hand.

 I secured free assistance from solicitor Maurice Tracy who was once the youngest member of Parliament in British history. Following Tracy’s representation, all five were spared from the death penalty, after a HK judge acquitted the five, they now live on somewhere in Hong Kong.

Mr. Trump wants to restore the death penalty to the USA. 102 countries out of 195 in the United Nations have abolished the death penalty. The United Nations has a 2019 campaign to expand abolition of capital punishment. 58 countries retain the death penalty. Expanding the death penalty in the USA cannot be considered a leap in justice or compassion.

For those who perceive people “on the bottom” do not have access to legal representation known to Mr. Trump and his cohorts who have lawyers to represent lawyers in the present time of insincerity there is always an option to express disagreement with certain dubious laws

We can always carry a small card which is called “DECLARATION OF LIFE.” Anyone who has dealt with their own conscience over the death penalty is free to carry THE DECLARATION OF LIFE