Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration passed Act 761 on July 6, 2008 ordering every community over 5,000 to put sodium fluoride into their municipal drinking water supply.

The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson provides a necessary history of how US citizens were told to believe in the 1950’s that an industrial toxic waste would be beneficial for the teeth of children if added to water supplies. Paul Connett, PhD, a retired professor of chemistry from St. Lawrence University affirms the teaching of Bryson and numerous other scientists who oppose fluoridation of drinking water. In his light-hearted British accent, Connett points out sodium fluoride toxicity demands, “You cannot dump it in the ocean, into rivers, bayous or lakes, nor bury it in the ground. So where can you dispose of it? You can put it in your drinking water!”

If we examine a tube of toothpaste containing fluoride, there is a warning which states clearly: “Do not use more than necessary for brushing. If too much is swallowed, consult your physician or report to a Poison Control Center.”

Dr. Connett responded to an invitation by citizens of Lafayette, LA in April 2009. When he addressed the city council members, they quickly voted (8-1) to reject Act 761. Lafayette is free of “fluoride.” A former manager of the water department declared, “I will quit before putting that stuff in our water!”

A city thirty miles west of Lafayette complied with act 761, but an employee “donated” six bags to contacts in Lafayette for the purpose of examination under a laboratory microscope. No lab technician would touch the bags marked: “TOXIC” with skull and bones and the line “Product of Japan.” The island nation of Japan is always challenged by disposal of toxic wastes and may rejoice in the fact other nations would share the unhealthy poisonous burden.

The American Dental Association (ADA) originally supported fluoridation of drinking water. By 2006 warnings went out from the ADA to parents advising them not to prepare infant formula with water containing fluoride. November 13, 2010 both the ADA and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued the warning on fluoride in infant formula.

A 2009 letter from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to one Lafayette citizen stated: “EPA cannot permit placing substances (including fluoride) in drinking water for medicinal purposes.”

Ellen and Dr. Paul Connett have been educating and defeating fluoridation of drinking water for nearly twenty years. Fluoridation Action Network (FAN) is an international organization to which everyone who drinks water should belong. Connett’s important book is The Case against Fluoride.

Two lawyers from Florida State University wrote Highlights of North American Litigation over Artificial Fluoridation of Municipal Water Supplies in the university law journal. The lengthy, well-researched article begins with a declaration: “Fluoridation of drinking water will cease in the 21st century.” Following extensive documentation of the dangers involved in that practice, the lawyers conclude: “Our children will look back in amazement that we put fluoride in our drinking water.” How will the next mayor of Lafayette and new governor of Louisiana respond to the truth? TOXIC IS TOXIC IS TOXIC.